Here at ATC Ltd, we are experts in the sign making industry, offering top-quality products to our customers from leading manufacturers and brands within the field. Over the years, we have developed an extensive range of products, and have become one of the UK’s leading suppliers to the sign making industry.

We mainly specialise in sign vinyl and speciality films, however, we do also stock a large range of other sign making supplies, to ensure all of your tasks are carried out to a high standard. Whether you’re looking to adhere vehicle wrap or create an attractive window display, we supply a range of signage materials, tools, and accessories, to guarantee you always achieve a high-quality finish. Our catalogue of products means we can supply you with the correct materials and tools to produce tailored signage solutions - you are bound to find the product for your requirements!

In this blog post, we explain one of our most popular product ranges, Knifeless Cutting Tape, and how you can benefit from it.

We are proud to stock products from renowned brands such as 3M and WrapCut, to ensure we can deliver high-performing and well-priced materials to our customers.

3M Knifeless Tape

3M Knifeless Tape is one of our most innovative sign making supplies, designed to cut through graphic films and vinyl easily. Particularly if you work within the vehicle wrap industry, this tape is a revolutionary product, that will not only make your wrapping application quicker and easier, but you will be able to achieve high-quality results.

The tape has been cleverly engineered by 3M, to slice through graphic films without creating any damage to the surface underneath, which is more likely to occur when using a knife. There are 5 variations of the tape within the classic range, all of which we stock on our website. Each of the tapes utilises the same cutting technology, however, performs differently for various stages of the wrapping process.

Finish Line

This is one of 3M’s first patented products within the Knifeless Tape classic range, which set the new industry standard for applying vehicle wrap without the use of a blade. It cuts most vinyl wrap films and is flexible to follow the curves and contours of any vehicle.

Bridge Line

The 3M Bridge Line Tape is especially useful for bridging gaps between car panels, such as between doors, bumpers, and rubber mouldings. This tape can be used to cut single or multiple layers of vinyl, to achieve clean and uniform cuts.

Perf Line

The Perf Line is great for window films, to create perfectly smooth and precise finishes between the edge of the window and rubber moulding. It works well with laminated, perforated window films, and can be utilised for bridging tight gaps and trimming.

Design Line

For those who are wanting to produce unique vehicle graphics with detail, the 3M Design Line tape is perfect for creating sharp and clean edges. For stripes, accents and designs, this tape will enable you to make endless pieces of art, as it turns easily in any direction. If you have a vehicle that has many contours and grooves, this tape will adapt to any surface to deliver outstanding, high-quality results.

Tri Line

The final product in the 3M classic range is the Tri Line, which is triple lined for accurate, clear cuts. For use with single-layered vinyl, this tape is particularly useful for creating consistent stripes along the vehicle. It can be used to create pinstripes, gaps, and butt seams, without the need for a blade or plotter.

WrapCut Filament Cutting Tape

Similar to the 3M Knifeless Tape, the filament tape by WrapCut is one of the best alternatives to cutting vehicle wrapping films without a knife. We stock the original filament tape, the WrapCut Pro and the WrapCut Wire. Again, this product will not cause any damage to your vehicle, making it a perfect product for all wrapping specialists.


The WrapCut Filament Cutting Tape can be used for all vehicle wrapping tasks and is particularly useful for partial panel wraps. It has a low tack adhesive that allows the tape to be repositioned if necessary, ensuring the vinyl is cut precisely. To pierce through the film, the tape contains a fine filament wire, which slices through the film with ease.


The Pro version of the WrapCut tape is 1mm wider than the standard variation and has a stronger adhesive. This offers more stability when creating long lines across the vehicle, producing edges which are sharp and crisp. The tackier adhesive also ensures the tape is kept in place on surfaces such as rubber and smooth plastic.


Finally, the Wire WrapCut contains a heavy-duty metal filament, that can cut through thicker vinyl such as carbon fibre or paint protection films.

Anyone working within the vehicle customisation industry will benefit from these tapes! Whether you’re a beginner with wrapping or an experienced professional, the 3M Knifeless Tape and the WrapCut Filament Tape will allow you to progress your skills even further, where you can let your creative juices flow. Plus, if you own a vehicle wrapping business with lots of customers depending on you, these tapes will ensure your tasks are carried out quickly and to a very high standard. By using these tapes, the paint of the vehicle will never be damaged or scratched, which will leave both you and your customers happy.

Please feel free to browse the knifeless tapes on our website or any of our other sign making supplies. If you have any questions about this product range or require more information, contact us today on 01706 633043 or email, and our team will be more than happy to help!