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Chevron Kits

All of our chevron kits are made from fully backed Air release Oracal 7510RA 3yr fluorescent yellow as standard, which makes fitting the chevron kits much easier and quicker. Our kits come with ultra-thin guidelines that can be covered with red reflective pieces. This means there is no cleaning of pen marks once the chevron kit has been fitted to the vehicle. All kits are supplied with x 10 reflective lozenges. 2-3 day delivery if order placed before 12 noon.

Here at ATC Ltd, we stock a variety of chevron kits suitable for a number of vehicle manufacturers and body styles including Plant and Digger chevrons. Our chevron kits adhere to Chapter 8 guidelines on road conspicuity and the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974., used on vehicles operating on high-speed roads. All of our kits are fully backed Air Release Oracal 7510RA, with rapid air technology for an easy and bubble-free application. Our microprismatic films are highly reflective, allowing for maximum visibility from greater distances, and protecting workers and pedestrians on all roads and highways in both day and night settings.

With a variety of tailor-made options, we accommodate a wide range of vehicle makes and models. Choose our Chapter 8 Chevron Kits to enhance road safety, stand out in all weather, and comply with UK regulations. Given the sheer variety of vehicles on the road, one-size-fits-all is an approach that doesn't work for Chapter 8 chevron kits. The kits are available in different sizes and patterns, tailored to fit a wide array of vehicles, from compact cars to road maintenance vans.

Our kits are available in red and yellow chevron stripes for all-around conspicuity. Feel free to browse our high-quality and high-performing chevron kits today.

Why use chevron kits?

- The main purpose of chevron kits is to improve vehicle conspicuity on high-speed roads, for all oncoming traffic and pedestrians to see, reducing accidents and keeping workers safe on the road.

- You can protect your company from potential legal action. If your fleet or vehicle is not clearly marked, you may cause an accident which can lead to a lawsuit.

- Chevron kits can give your employees the confidence and reassurance that they are safe when out at work, boosting morale and productivity.

What material should you choose?

When choosing your chevron kit, three main materials are available: prismatic type (Class R3B) and glass bead type (Class RA1) . Each one has a different level of reflectivity, making them suitable for different road speeds. R3B has the highest level of visibility and RA1 has the lowest reflectivity and is not recommended by us for vehicles that work on roads.

It is recommended to use R3B markings on vehicles that work on roads over 40mph, typically motorways and dual carriageways. 

How much coverage do you need?

All of our chevron kits are available in full, three-quarter, and half sizes, to cover the rear of your vehicle. If you are working on a road over 40mph it is recommended to have a full kit, and under 40mph, the other kits will work fine. Typically, our half sizes are used on cars and some vans. We also stock bonnet kits for a couple of vehicle models too.

Do you stock reflective lozenges?

Yes, all of our chevron kits are supplied with 10 reflective lozenges to ensure all edges and doors are covered and visible.

Are your Chapter 8 chevron kits durable?

Yes, our chevron kits are manufactured from the highest quality reflective materials, providing unmatched durability and visibility. They are designed to withstand the rigours of daily use on the road, ensuring that your vehicle remains visible and compliant for a long time.




Our delivery service is centred around our customers needs and demands. If you place your order before 3.30pm, which is the cutoff, we can deliver it the very next day for you.


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