In the fast-paced UK market, branding has become more than just a logo on your letterhead; it’s a 360-degree experience. Amongst the myriad of advertising methods available, printable vehicle wrap has emerged as a popular product for dynamic brand exposure. Especially for businesses that are looking for innovative ways to make a significant impact, printable vehicle wrap offers a great opportunity. Whether you are looking to transform a delivery van into a mobile advertisement or want to brand a rally car to make an impact at high-speed events, the versatility of vehicle wrap offers boundless promotional possibilities.

Having your fleet as a mobile billboard is an excellent way to generate countless impressions whilst you’re travelling across the country. Printable vehicle wrap allows businesses to reach a broader audience than many traditional advertising channels, as every trip becomes an opportunity to showcase your brand. Particularly for those who are not based near your premises, don’t use the internet much, or if your business is completely mobile, printable vehicle wrap can help target potential customers that might have otherwise been missed.

Our Premium Offerings:

Here at ATC, our commitment to quality is unmatched, and our selection of printable vehicle wraps embodies this promise. One particular product that offers both durability and vibrancy is Ritrama’s Rijet C50 Ultimate Slide & Tack wrapping film, which is available to purchase on our website. By offering products from leading manufacturers in the industry, such as Ritrama, we are able to offer you products that are long-lasting and will help your brand stand out!

The Rijet C50 film is a perfect choice for anyone looking to upgrade their fleet, no matter the size of your vehicle or the complexity of your design, this wrap will ensure a tailored fit. From small cars to large vans, every vehicle can become a canvas for your brand messages. Plus, with digital printing technology, the colours and graphics are only limited by your imagination.

Ritrama’s Rijet C50 features a low-grab adhesive system, which offers a seamless and bubble-free application. Additionally, its flexibility allows the wrap to conform perfectly with the vehicle’s contours, ensuring a professional finish is always achieved. If you would like to read more in-depth information about this product, please feel free to head over to our ‘C50 Ultimate Wrap’ blog.

If you are interested in using the Rijet C50, we also offer a vehicle wrap bundle which includes Ritrama’s Rijet C30 Flexilam overlaminate film. Overlaminate films help to strengthen the design you create, providing an extra layer of protection against elements. The C30 film is ultra-thin and provides a glossy or matt finish that increases the vibrancy of the printed graphics. The bundle we offer provides you with a complete solution that guarantees protection against UV rays, scratches, and the everyday wear and tear of road life. Not only can printable vehicle wrap be a great marketing tool, but it can help to protect your vehicle’s original paint too.

By investing in printable vehicle wraps, you can create a cohesive and sophisticated-looking fleet that speaks volumes about your company’s standards and commitment to quality. Unleash the potential of your fleet and let every mile they cross be a story told, an impression made, and a customer engaged!

Please feel free to shop from our range of vehicle wrapping films today or if you require additional information, don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 01706 633043 or emailing, and a member of our team will be happy to help.