Here at ATC, we are specialists when it comes to sign making supplies, as we stock everything from vehicle wrapping films to tapes and squeegees. Our products are popular with many commercial industries such as automotive and retail, but did you know that we stock materials for home interiors too?

We have an extensive range of speciality films available on our website, including kitchen wrapping vinyl. Décor vinyl is a simple and cost-effective solution to enhancing your interiors and can be applied by amateurs and professionals alike. If you have a room that is looking a bit bare or dull, this variety of vinyl can totally transform a once uninteresting space into something modern and contemporary, without the need for expensive materials and tools. Even if you’re someone that is indecisive or changes their mind regularly, vinyl gives you the opportunity to update your interiors at a great price.

On our website, we stock two interior speciality films: Woodgrain and Marble Effect Vinyl and Vion Architectural Décor Film, both of which are high-quality and can add a luxurious feel to any home.

Wood effect vinyl is particularly popular for its professional and top-quality outcome, without the usual costly wood prices. Replacing kitchen units, wardrobes, and other furniture can total up to thousands of pounds, which can be an unnecessary amount if the pieces are not damaged or unfunctional. If your furniture is still in great condition, wood effect vinyl is an easy way of upcycling an outdated style or décor that no longer matches your personality. The wood effect vinyl that we stock is available in 29 wood finishes, including variations of oak, mahogany, and even marble to offer you endless design possibilities.

The architectural film by VION can also be used on walls, as well as furniture, making it another excellent option. We supply this film in all 25 colours and patterns, to match all of your interior requirements. From solid opaque colours to concrete and fabric finishes, the range includes something for everyone! This high-quality film is perfect for anyone looking to renovate their home and restricted within a tight budget. Once the film has been applied smoothly to a surface with a heat gun, it will remain intact for up to 5 years.

Both of these films perform to a very high standard, to guarantee that your interior refresh is long-lasting. Just like actual hardwood materials, these films can be cleaned using regular products and are resistant to general wear and tear. Especially if applied on kitchen units and worktops, their durability against water and heavy usage offers a range of advantages. To really utilise the longevity of these speciality films, we recommend applying them on flat or slightly curved surfaces only, to make certain you experience all the benefits.

We are proud to supply our customers with top-quality products from industry leaders such as VION, to ensure you always achieve outstanding results. If you require more information about these products or the other items we stock, please feel free to contact our team on 01706 633043 and we will be more than happy to help!