It has been established that vehicle wrap can have many benefits, but for those benefits to be fully effective, you will need your wrap to be properly applied.

As well as durable printable vehicle wraps, here at ATC, we also have a wide selection of tools and accessories that will aid you in wrap application/removal and car body/window cleaning. If you want to keep your car clean or make the experience of applying/removing vehicle wrap as smooth as possible, then our products are the perfect match for you!

Squeegees and Scrapers:

A squeegee is a tool that is extremely useful in wiping car surfaces to get rid of debris or residue. They can aid the process of vehicle wrapping or applying window films by first smoothing out the surface, ensuring that the wrap or film will properly stick. There are many different squeegee models that we offer, such as felt edge, microfibre and magnetic. Our squeegees work on both windows and vehicle surfaces, making them incredibly useful.

We also offer scrapers, which help prepare the car for the application process. They efficiently remove residue from all kinds of glass without scratching the surface. These scrapers are made from a tough stainless steel construction and come in a variety of sizes, making them perfect for both large and tiny areas of a vehicle.

Window Tinting Tools:

At ATC, we also have a selection of window tinting tools. For example, we have Stihl SG11 1.5L Spray Bottles, which are optimised for the use of cleaning agents such as our SOTT Surface Cleanser. Combining both products will swiftly clean the residue off any window, allowing for a perfect surface for window tinting.

Our range also has scrapers that are specifically designed for windows. We have the Bulldozer Scrubbers and Paddle Tools, with the former targeting the bottom edges of sloped rear windows and the latter one aimed around the lower angles of a vehicle. There are also several triangle scrapers that will tackle the hard-to-reach areas of windows, creating the perfect surface for window tinting film.

Knives and Blades:

Knives and blades will come in handy when it comes to tasks such as trimming excess material, removing wrinkles and air bubbles as well as repairing any mistakes that you might make during the wrapping process. We offer a range of knives and blades that focus on durability, efficient cutting, and cost-effectiveness. A good example of one of these products is the OLFA L1 Utility Knife. It has a stainless steel blade, a ratchet locking mechanism and a high impact ABS handle, providing this knife with all the desirable qualities for cutting various sign making substrates.

Bonding Substances:

Bonding substances are also important in any wrapping process, as a smooth and debris-free surface will provide the best chances for a great-fitting wrap. Bonding fluid, like the SOTT Vinyl Application Fluid, contains chemicals that create a strong bond from chemical interaction with both the vinyl and the surface substrate, allowing the wrap to properly stick and not fall off.

3M Knifeless Tape:

We also provide 3M knifeless tape. If you do not want to put a knife near your vehicle, then this is a great alternative method. This is a plastic, self-adhesive tape that has a string line down the centre. By laying your film over the tape and pulling the string through it, you will cut the film without any knife needed. You will get the same precision but without a traditional knife, easing any concerns about scratching your paintwork.

To put it simply, we have all the tools and accessories that you need. From cutting, applying, and removing wrap to cleaning your vehicle’s surfaces, ATC possess all the products necessary to guarantee a successful operation! If you need any more help or information, then call us on 01706 633043 or send an email to