In a world where all brands and businesses are constantly competing, it’s never been more important to stay ahead of the game with vehicle branding. When you break it down, a fleet vehicle is essentially a mobile advertisement, and these types of vehicles are even more effective when groups of them are covering territory in new areas. Vans are a great choice for fleet vehicles and subsequently, fleet vehicle wrapping, as not only do they have a large space for advertising, their flat and unobstructed panels also make it easy for the vehicle wrapping process itself.

With vans being optimal for wraps and great at being mobile advertisements, it’s time to find the right product for your fleet vehicle!

Our Best Products:

Firstly, we have the Rijet C50 Ultimate Vehicle Wrap Bundle. This product comes with both print and overlaminate. This wrapping film is a 50-micron premium cast white vinyl with a low grab adhesive. It allows the graphics to glide over a substrate for as long as you want until you have decided that your branding is in the right place. Then, any pressure that is applied will create a strong, permanent bond.

The film is also very flexible, curving and contouring around any bends, making it the perfect choice for a professional-looking image. The film can also be installed by just a single person, allowing for the van to be back on the road as quickly as possible. The accompanying overlaminate shields the print from scratches, debris and other abrasions, allowing your van’s branding to remain vibrant and legible for as long as possible!

Another solid option is the Oracal 970RA Cast Wrapping Film. The 110 micron multilayer cast PVC is great for full or part vehicle wraps, especially fleet vehicles. The RapidAir technology has been added to give a bubble-free application for users, again providing the benefit of saving time. This option provides excellent stability, ensuring that the film will stand any potential wear and tear. And with a choice of 96 matt & gloss colours, you are certain to find the right shade and finish that you desire for your van.Our next recommendation is the KPMF VWS 1 Hybrid Wrapping Film. The latest PVC and pigment technology combine to serve up a film that is as equally stable as it is durable. This film also has great cutting properties, helping it perfectly fit around your van and like the 970RA Film, this film also comes in a wide variety of colours and finishes.

The need to maintain and look after your fleet vehicle van’s branding is also highly important to elongate its lifespan. The stoneguard films that we offer, such as the Ritrama Clear Stoneguard Film and the KPMF Clear Stoneguard Film, are both useful in preventing stone chips from damaging your print or paintwork.

We also offer high impact vehicle branding in the form of modular vehicle wraps. These wraps are cost efficient, great advertising material, and a quick turnaround. There process of purchasing this product is also straightforward. Firstly, you send in your artwork to us, which will then be clipped into our template. We then print, laminate, cut and die the modular kit and send it to you with clear instructions. Then, all you must do is follow the instructions and your vehicle will now be equipped with high impact branding! Our kits are also 40-50% cheaper than traditional vehicle wraps, offering you a reliable form of advertisement without any unnecessary cost.

At ATC, we give you the necessary tools for you to set up your fleet vehicle vans with impressive branding and the durability to see them through countless months of being on the road. There are many colours and design options for you to explore, ensuring that you will find something that will launch your business into the limelight. Any questions? Call us on 01706 633043 or drop us an email at and a member of our team will get back to you.