Here at ATC Ltd, we only stock and supply the best of the best, providing our customers with high-quality sign making, vehicle wrapping, and digital print materials. We have an extensive product range, full of fantastic brands such as ORAFOL. ORAFOL is one of the world’s top manufacturers of innovative self-adhesive graphic films, application tapes, and reflective materials, and we are proud to have many of their products available on our site.

One of their newest products that we now have in stock, is the Oralite VC412RA ecoflex reflective film, which is designed for emergency service vehicles. The film is used for vehicle conspicuity, complying with all current regulations, to ensure all police cars, ambulances, and other emergency vehicles are visible to other drivers and pedestrians.


Oralite VC412RA Benefits

RapidAir® Adhesive System

The Oralite VC412RA ecoflex film is designed with a RapidAir® liner (RA). This type of adhesive has been specifically created to allow for easy application using a dry method. This technology allows trapped air to escape, through tiny adhesive channels. During the first initial step of applying the film, this system allows you to reposition the film before it is fixed down.

No Edge Sealing Required

This particular film is single-layered, which is no more than 0.33 to 0.58mm thick. As a result of this, there is no need for edge sealing, which makes the application process quicker and easier. It can also be cut on a standard plotter.

7 Colours

Oralite VC412RA is available in 7 different colours, to fulfil all customer requirements. The colours include blue, green, yellow, red, fluorescent lime, fluorescent orange, and white. Each of the colours is composed of microprism retroreflective elements, that are bonded to a polymeric film.


The ecoflex film is incredibly easy to apply, due to its outstanding flexibility. The thin composition of the film, along with the RapidAir® liner, means it is extremely malleable and conformable. It can be applied to both flat and curved surfaces, and particularly adheres well to smooth painted surfaces.

3 to 5 Years Life

The polymeric film that Oralite VC412RA is made of, is tough, weather-resistant, and UV stabilised. These attributes, combined with routine care and maintenance, give Oralite VC412RA a service life of 3 to 5 years.


We stock Oralite VC412RA in a roll width of 1235mm, which is readily available on our website now. As we stated at the start of this blog post, we have a large selection of ORAFOL products on our site, so make sure to browse them today. If you require more information about this film or want to find out more about vehicle conspicuity, please feel free to contact us.