If you are looking for a cracking deal on a new sign making plotter, give us a call here at ATC and we will do our best to offer you the most competitive deal we can.

You can always rely on a Graphtec to give you enhanced performance and specification at an unrivalled price point, and you can always rely on ATC to get you the best deals on plotters. The Graphtec series also comes with an impressive 2-year warranty. (Please contact us for more information regarding the warranty)

Incorporating brand new features traditionally only found on a higher level, more expensive cutting plotters, the CE7000 series (GRAPHTEC CE 7000 SIGNMAKING PLOTTERS) offers unrivalled value for money, and you get the Graphtec’s quality and reliability at an entry level price.

The CE7000 series is currently available in 3 model formats, the desktop, standalone, and enhanced and in 4 different widths to suit all your needs including the compact 40cm desktop option, the 60cm, 130cm and the new wide format 1.6M. The CE7000 series has a size to suit every application and the plotters boast a maximum cutting speed up to 1000mm/s on the wider 130cm and 160cm options, with a cutting force up to a maximum of 450g.

Performance that guarantees accurate long length tracking

The media stocker helps stabilize the feeding of media. By adjusting the pressure of the middle push roller to the media in three levels, it prevents media from ­floating. Additionally, by using an optional special basket, the stability of long cuts can be achieved.

Data output via USB ­flash memory without a PC

The cutting data designed with the Cutting Master 4 or Graphtec Pro Studio/Plus can be output directly to the cutting plotter by saving to USB ­flash memory. This simplified workfl­ow enables users to operate without a computer.

  • Ease of use with enhanced media tracking capabilities
  • ARMS 8.0 optical print and cut detection system
  • Cut multiple pre-printed graphics without user input by using the latest barcode technology
  • Includes high quality, easy to use, professional grade Graphtec Pro Studio software

Graphtec, the brand that never stops evolving