When it comes to road safety, making sure you are seen is a priority, to ensure you, your workers, and the public are safe. Hi-Viz work gear is essential when working on highways and roads, but what about vehicles?

Following Chapter 8 guidelines, vehicles that work on high-speed roads and motorways should have reflective markings on the rear or side of vehicles, to be visible to all oncoming traffic and pedestrians. Chevron kits are applied to all fleets across the UK, as a form of vehicle traffic management attire. The guidelines can be found in the Department of Transport’s Traffic Signs Manual; however, we have outlined the requirements in our ‘The Importance of Chevron Kits’ blog post.

Chevron kits are designed with alternating retroreflective red and fluorescent yellow stripes, which are installed pointing upwards on the vehicle. These materials ensure the vehicle is visible in both nighttime and day conditions. However, one size does not fit all, and it is important to purchase the right kit for your fleet. There are a few things to consider when choosing a chevron kit, which we have explained below.

Which material do you need?

There are three types of films available for chevron kits: prismatic type (Class RA2) and glass bead type (Class RA1) and R3B. Generally, the choice of material depends on the road speed you work on, which will determine which kit you will need. R3B materials have the highest level of visibility and RA1 has the lowest.

It is highly recommended for vehicles working on high-speed roads (motorways and dual carriageways) to have R3B or Class RA2 conspicuity markings, usually over 40mph. For roads that are under 40mph, Class RA1 is appropriate. The level of reflectance ensures your fleet is visible at a range of distances.

Here at ATC Ltd, we stock chevron kits in Class RA1 and RA2, which are manufactured out of:


  • Aura 191
  • Oralite VC 170
  • Oralite VC 612
  • Oralite VC 412 RA


  • Oralite 7510 3yr Fluorescent Yellow
  • Oralite 7510 Rapid Air 3yr Fluorescent Yellow

How much coverage?

On our website, we stock chevron kits for a wide range of vehicle makes, including Mercedes, Toyota, Vauxhall, and Peugeot, all of which may require different kits to suit your requirements. All of our kits are available in Full, Three Quarter, and Half, to cover the rear of your vehicle. Typically, the kit should cover the rear of your vehicle as much as possible, whilst avoiding areas such as windows (where necessary), lights, and registration plates.

Full kits – our full chevron kit covers the entire rear of the vehicle, including the windows if it is a van. Especially for use on high-speed roads and high-roofed vehicles, full chevron kits offer maximum visibility.

vw crafter with full chevron kit

Three quarter kits – our three quarter kits are designed to cover the rear of the vehicle, except the window. These kits are useful for large vans, providing extra visibility around the edge of the window.

vw crafter with three quarter chevron kit

Half kits – our half kits cover only the bottom rear of the vehicle, under the window. Generally, these are used on cars and some vans.

vw crafter with half chevron kit

Are there different requirements for cars, vans, and HGVs?

If your car or van is under 7.5 tonnes and painted yellow or white, Chapter 8 guidance recommends an additional yellow micro-prismatic 50mm marking along the sides of the vehicle, to increase visibility.

If your vehicle is over 7.5 tonnes and classed as an HGV, you should use ECE 104 marking tape and EC70/70.1 rear marker chevron kits. ECE 104 is a regulation that covers the use of reflective marking on the rear and sides of heavy goods vehicles.

By adding these conspicuity markings along the contours of your vehicles, your fleet will remain visible and safe, protecting both workers and the public from road accidents. All of our chevron kits are manufactured with fully backed Air release Oracal 7510RA, which provides an easy and bubble-free application. If you require more information about our chevron kits or our other sign making supplies, please feel free to call us on 01706 633043 or email sales@apptape.co.uk, and we will be more than happy to help!