In today’s visually dominated world, vehicle wrap vinyl has emerged as a popular product, enabling vehicle and fleet owners to customise their cars, protect their original paintwork, and even advertise their businesses. Whether you’re a business owner or car enthusiast, understanding different types of vehicle wrap can make a huge difference to your end result.

Here at ATC, we are specialists when it comes to vinyl, including vehicle wrap! We stock a huge range of high-quality vehicle films on our website, whether you require coloured vinyl, stoneguard films, or knifeless cutting tape, we are bound to have the product for you. In this blog post, we are going to delve into the world of vehicle wrap vinyl, exploring the different products we offer to help you with your next vehicle wrapping project.

Vehicle Wrapping Films

When it comes to changing the aesthetics of a vehicle, vehicle wrapping films are at the forefront. These films offer:

Versatility: vehicle wrapping films are available in a range of colours, textures, and finishes to give your vehicle a new look. The KPMF VWS 1 Hybrid Wrapping Film and the Oracal 970RA Cast Wrapping Film are available in a multitude of colours and finishes, including gloss, metallic, and matt.

Protection: apart from aesthetics, vehicle films also help to protect the vehicle’s original paintwork from minor abrasions, UV rays, and contaminants.

Cost-effective Branding: for businesses, these films are an incredibly useful product, providing mobile advertising that reaches a broader audience at a fraction of traditional marketing costs. We also stock several printable vehicle wrap products that can be used to print vibrant graphics onto your fleet, such as your logo, branding, or business message and contact information.

Our diverse range of high-quality vehicle wrapping films are tailored to various needs, ensuring longevity and an impeccable finish every time.

Stoneguard Films

If you are looking to protect your vehicle’s paint and finish, our selection of stoneguard films is a great choice. This type of vehicle wrap vinyl provides a durable barrier between the surface of the car and the external elements that may cause damage e.g. stone chips, scratches, and so on. Key benefits include:

Impact Protection: stoneguard films do exactly what they say on the tin, offering a barrier against road debris, small stones, and other minor impact sources, preserving the integrity of the paint beneath.

Transparency: once applied, stoneguard films are virtually invisible, ensuring that the natural beauty and finish of the original paint shines through.

Resilience: all of the stoneguard films we stock are designed to withstand external elements, and manufactured from durable materials that keep your vehicle or fleet looking newer for longer.

Tail Light and Window Tinting Films

Whilst vehicle bodywork is generally the main focal point, tail lights and windows can also be customised to suit your preferences. The tail light and window tinting films we stock come with:

Enhanced Privacy: window tinting films not only offer privacy, but they also help to block harmful UV rays which in turn keeps your interiors cool. The tints we offer are available in different tint grades, making them suitable for rear and side windows.

Customised Appearance: tail light films can change the look of the rear end of your vehicle, giving it a unique touch whilst still maintaining the necessary light output.

Safety: both these films add an extra layer of protection, preventing damage and keeping the interiors and passengers safe.

Knifeless Cutting Tape and Vehicle Wrapping Tools

Although a high-quality film makes a statement by itself, the magic of a perfect vehicle wrap lies in the precision of its application. We stock an extensive range of tools and accessories that can make your wrapping experience smoother and quicker. From squeegees and scrapers to knives and knifeless cutting tape, these tools will enable you to follow the contours and curves of the vehicle with ease, ensuring a seamless finish without causing damage to the vehicle’s paint.

Vehicle wrap vinyl offers more than just a change in aesthetics; it's a blend of protection, customisation, and brand representation. For those keen on exploring vehicle wrap vinyl, please feel free to browse and shop from our website today or for more detailed information, contact us on 01706 633043 and we will be more than happy to help!