Are you looking to upgrade your branding, signage or advertising? Then look no further, we are thrilled to announce that the top 25 colours of the Ritrama Platinum Vinyl range are now available with Airflow liner. Previously, only the gloss black and white films were available with Airflow, so with an additional 23 colours, you can take your sign-making projects to new heights.

Ritrama is a globally respected name in the vinyl and adhesive industry and is renowned for its superior quality and innovative products. Here at App Tape, we are proud to stock a wide range of Ritrama sign vinyl, providing our customers with products that are the very best of the best. These new colours available with Airflow elevates Ritrama’s excellence even further, blending efficiency and durability into one. The platinum range is designed to meet the highest expectations and toughest demands.

Why is the Airflow Liner a Game-changer?

The Airflow release liner by Ritrama is an innovative adhesive that is engineered to ensure smooth and bubble-free results every time. The Airflow liner is micro-embossed PE-coated kraft paper that is 140 g/m2, designed to only be used with a dry application method. Due to the structure and formation of the embossing, when the film is applied to the desired surface, the air can easily be squeezed out from underneath. Once positioned and adhered correctly, the permanent solvent-based adhesive will create a strong and long-lasting bond.

The vinyl with Airflow can be applied to vehicles, windows, and interior and exterior displays.

What Colours are Available with the Liner?

Find below the top 25 colours that you can now purchase with Airflow.

4-GL3D-12777 - Ri-Mark Platinum P 800 White Airflow
4-GL3D-12776 - Ri-Mark Platinum P 801 Black Airflow
4-GL3C-13675 - Ri-Mark Platinum P 806 Bright Yellow Airflow
4-GL3C-13680 - Ri-Mark Platinum P 807 Sun Yellow Airflow
4-GL3C-13681 - Ri-Mark Platinum P 812 Carrot Airflow
4-GL3C-13682 - Ri-Mark Platinum P 816 Spicy Red Airflow
4-GL3C-13683 - Ri-Mark Platinum P 817 Medium Red Airflow
4-GL3C-13685 - Ri-Mark Platinum P 819 Red Airflow
4-GL3C-13686 - Ri-Mark Platinum P 820 Wine Red Airflow
4-GL3C-13687 - Ri-Mark Platinum P 833 Ultramarine Blue Airflow
4-GL3C-13688 - Ri-Mark Platinum P 834 Reflex Blue Airflow
4-GL3C-13689 - Ri-Mark Platinum P 835 Cosmos Blue Airflow
4-GL3C-13690 - Ri-Mark Platinum P 839 Olympic Blue Airflow
4-GL3C-13691 - Ri-Mark Platinum P 846 Freedom Green Airflow
4-GL3C-13692 - Ri-Mark Platinum P 849 Grass Green Airflow
4-GL3C-13693 - Ri-Mark Platinum P 850 Apple green Airflow
4-GL3C-13694 - Ri-Mark Platinum P 855 Mystic Grey Airflow
4-GL3C-13695 - Ri-Mark Platinum P 856 Anthracite Airflow
4-GL3C-13696 - Ri-Mark Platinum P 857 Traffic Grey Airflow
4-GL3C-13697 - Ri-Mark Platinum P 858 Dark Grey Airflow
4-GL3C-13698 - Ri-Mark Platinum P 860 Slate Grey Airflow
4-GL3C-13699 - Ri-Mark Platinum P 863 Silver Airflow
4-GL3C-13700 - Ri-Mark Platinum P 864 Gold Airflow
4-GL3C-13701 - Ri-Mark Platinum P 803 Black Matt Airflow
4-GL3C-13702 - Ri-Mark Platinum P 802 White Matt Airflow

Additional Features of the Platinum Vinyl

  • suitable for medium and long-term projects
  • UV stabilised
  • external colour stability of up to 10 years
  • developed for trouble-free plotter cutting
  • printable by thermal transfer or screen-printing
  • suitable for uneven and curved surfaces
  • REACH & RoHS compliant
  • excellent dimensional stability
  • water resistant

The launch of App Tape's new Ritrama Platinum Vinyl Airflow range marks an exciting time for those in the sign-making industry. If you're looking to breathe new life into your branding efforts and impress yourself and others with your creativity and professionalism, this new range is perfect for you!

Explore the Airflow films on our website today or if you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on 01706 633043 or email and we will be happy to help.